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I am a marketing professional who has connected passion with purpose through technology for 17 years. I have developed traditional marketing strategies & digital marketing strategies, and I have designed for print & digital media. 

Equipped with both design and marketing skills, I use my expansive knowledge in marketing & design to empower each community and business that I work with. During the last 7 years, I have volunteered over 5,700 hours of pro-bono skills based work to local small businesses and nonprofits to expand their visual communications and marketing strategy and I have worked for many great companies.

Eager to share my talents and resources with others, I have spoken at various organizations, created local groups and helped coach creative teams to help strengthen their awareness of social good by way of social media and design.

I completed Mobile Marketing Professional Certification at Auburn University and have obtained additional certifications through Google, Google DoubleClick, Bing, and BrightEdge. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting the local Tucson markets, traveling with my Husband and 3 daughters and writing about my journey overcoming trauma at jusikamartinez.com.

A love for detail, all things creative and an enough passion + heart to encourage you to say Do.The.Dang.Thing.
— Jusika Martinez

This 'Ol Thing Creative was built in 2009 after many dark of nights in Pordenone, Italy after a season of pregnancy loss where I would stay up all night and design and work through my own grief.  

I believe that if it weren't for the journey that God has placed me on and the gifts that He has given me my creative business would not be where it is today. As I connected talent with a passion.  

When venturing to Tucson Arizona I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to offer services that I used in my day to day creative career to small businesses and churches to help them grow in their passions. My bottom line is that I want to use this God given talent to help small businesses spend more time doing what they love, and less time trying to understand or making it look good.


services that I offer:

Traditional Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

Brand Identity Development
Brand Identity Consultations
Brand Voice Development
Brand Voice Consultation

Digital Designs
Print Publication Layout
Magazine Layout
Book Layout


You think that we could make a good team? HOLLA! I am always interested in connecting with great business, non-profits and fellow creatives! Click below to connect with my via email or on social media.