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I'm Jusika and I’m a freelance graphic designer and digital marketing strategist based in Tucson, Arizona and I am passionate about helping people bring their ideas to life so they can spend more time doing what they love, and less time trying to understand & making it look good.

I've spent the last 17 years working with corporations, churches and small businesses bring their ideas about their business to life. Whether that’s an idea for a new small business, a creative logo design, a grand digital marketing plan, or a new strategy, nothing gets me more excited than bringing an idea to life from a tiny seed to a large flourishing tree. People seem to think I’m pretty good at it too, so I’ve been humbled to work on interesting projects with great churches, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

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Sweet Words

Jusika is a very detail minded creative person. My experiences working with her, was that good was not good enough until it was made great. I had the pleasure of designing various direct mail pieces with her over the years and it always was a positive lets make the piece a Picasso.  Jusika has a great deal of knowledge that she can share with whomever she is employed by. On a scale of 10, I give Jusika a 12. - Bill T. 

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strategy + branding

A big passion of mine is strategy whether it be your business strategy, campaign strategy or product strategy I love transforming others businesses to be more functional. 


I’ve been a designer for 17 years across many mediums. Creating visual language is 2nd nature to me. I create each design with my own touch. 

digital marketing

I’m a digital marketing nerd. I love staying on the edge of an ever-evolving industry and teaching others how to implement + strategize it within their own businesses. 

painting + lettering

Panting + lettering is something new to me, and it's something I've practiced as I've learned to heal. For me it's a peaceful experience that I can share with others.